During sleep, the software recorders bursts of individual EPI-complexes and bursts of EPI-activity with manifestation in the central-parietal area

Simultaneous viewing of EEG video monitoring data in a toposcope mode demonstrates the presence of EPI-activity focus in the parietal area

Detectors automatically highlight periodic bursts of EPI-activity and store them in a list of special fragments. Comparison of EEG
and clinical manifestations in the video allows proper classification the EPI-activity type

Selection of significant video data and EEG fragments for creation of a video clip or for printing out

Making up video clip with diagnostically significant study fragments

Output print documents

Output print documents

View of EEG-PSG-videomonitoring data, indices trends, sleep events and hypnogram built (for optional software “Encephalan-PSG”)

Monitoring of EEG and video image from 2 cameras: close-up and background

Synchronized EEG monitoring, video image and density spectral array trends, aEEG and spectral power indices by range (for optional software “Encephalan-CFM”)