Forming of cortico-cortical couplings maps using coherence function by six standard frequency ranges.

In the picture you can see couplings map by CC in fragment of study with the epileptiform activity, primarily expressed in front brain areas.
Couplings by CC are also referred to front areas, characterizing synchronous processes in frontalis-central area at epileptiform activity discharge.

Example of the same EEG fragment analysis without filter use (on the left) and with Delta 1 frequency range filtration (on the right)

Alteration of cross-correlation couplings after carrying out of non-medicated rehabilitation course using biofeedback (biofeedback training) is reflected in the illustration. Before biofeedback training using (a, b pictures) the biggest correlations in couplings structure were observed between frontalis right temporal derivations in theta-waves frequency range with three isolated correlation pleiads in right frontalis-central, right cervical and left temporal areas. After 5 sessions of biofeedback training (c, d pictures), correlation couplings decreased in temporal areas with simultaneous substantial increase of correlation couplings number in alpha-rhythm frequency range by all derivations.

In the picture you can see the example, illustrating process of stepwise forming of cortico-cortical couplings maps for cross-correlation function.
EEG current ensemble is highlighted with red color in the signals window.