Set of EEG electrodes ES-EEG-10/20 "Encephalan-ES"

Comfortable and quality record of EEG by a standard “10-20” scheme using all types of electroencephalographs “Encephalan” for routine and continuous studies, including autonomous EEG studies (Holter type monitoring), continuous EEG videomonitoring for diagnostics of epilepsy and polysomnographic studies.

EEG electrodes of this electrode set are specially fixed and positioned at the specific attachment slots on the fixing elastic net cap. Electrode and a corresponding fixing slot are of the same colour. Each electrode has a conductor of a specified length from the concentrator. Conductors are grouped by left and right hemispheres, by forehead and back of the head for comfortable distribution.

Common properties of EEG-electrodes sets

  • The set contains different types of electrode systems, elastic net fixing caps, cover-caps and accessories. Required electrodes set is formed when ordered.
  • Electrode systems, which differ in number of EEG electrodes and slots for connection to electroencephalographs, are used for PSG and EEG studies.
  • Each type of electrode system has 3 sizes – baby, children, adults – which differ in the length of EEG leads.
  • The set contains 3 variants of fixing caps and cover caps – for babies (34-45 cm), for children (45-55 cm) and adults (55-66 cm).
  • Fixing cover caps are made of elastic net material, which ensures optimal attachment of electrodes to head.
  • Low level of high-stable EEG electrodes and fixing slots for their attachment, elastic material of the slots, and comfortable elastic net cover caps ensure high quality of EEG record and patient’s comfort at continuous studies.
  • Stable electric contact of electrodes with the head skin and quick reaching of required level of electrode impedance are ensured by the construction of electrode and its slot: electrode has a hole for gel injection (you may use an ordinary syringe with special plastic nozzle) and a slot contains specialized cavity for required quantity of gel for continuous studies.
  • Electrode set contains special thin and flexible cable with low level of triboelectric noise and high level of breaking strength. Decreasing the cable diameter allows eliminating the number of artifacts during EEG record significantly and increasing patient's comfort during continuous studies.
  • Electrode system and electrode cap may be separated, which makes their cleaning, service and maintenance much easier.