Software for three-dimensional localization of electrical activity sources "Encephalan-3D"

An important EEG problem, particularly in epileptiform activity analysis, is localizing its focus (the position in three-dimensional coordinate system) as accurately as possible. Solution of this problem is based upon the idea that elevated pathological activity appears in the local brain lesions area influencing electric activity generation of the entire cerebral cortex.

The calculation of the coordinates of the possible location of the source of electrical brain activity (three-dimensional localization) is based on a mathematical model, in which the activity source is presented in the form of an electric dipole located at the locus center. Head size, inhomogeneous conduction of head tissues, non-spherical form of skull are all taken into account in calculation.

3d localization of epileptiform activity focus in the frontal area

3d localization of epileptiform activity focus in the frontal area

Software "Encephalan-3D" is designed for three-dimensional localization of the sources of abnormal electrical brain activity based on the analysis of scalp EEG/EP electrodes and is used as an auxiliary method, especially in cases where the focus of pathological activity has no obvious morphological changes and is not detected by computed tomography and MRI.

The advantage of this method is the high time resolution, which allows evaluating the EEG in the record (including long-term recordings) or EP dynamics of electric brain activity focus in different pathologies (often of epileptic characteristics).

The equivalent dipoles calculated are shown as dots in diagrams of the three orthogonal projections of head in the Cartesian coordinate system (stereotactic one) with attachment to anatomic landmarks so that allows correlating them with the relevant tomograms of brain and attaching them to certain brain structures

Three-dimensional localization of sources of pathological electric brain activity by the "Encephalan-3D" application allows identifying the source of pathological EEG, defining its intensity and depth of occurrence, examining spatial (prevalence, any phase shifts etc.) and temporal features of its focus (stability of discharges, similarity of their parameters, and others).

Software "Encephalan-3D" is an optional software to: