Cerebral function monitor "Encephalan-CFM"

Dynamics of changes in brain activity, which cannot be traced during short-term EEG study, is clearly represented during continuous EEG monitoring in the form of amplitude-integrated EEG trends (aEEG), compressed spectrum and other CNS quantitative parameters, calculated by the signals received via few (3 to 5) EEG derivations.

Cerebral function monitor "Encephalan-CFM" is designed to solve the problem of risk assessment of brain damage associated with a lack of oxygen (asphyxia), low cerebral perfusion, and with paroxysmal brain activity, which cause sensory, motor and cognitive dysfunctions of different severity particularly in newborns in intensive care units and is widely used in developed countries.

Cerebral function monitor provides continuous dynamic analysis of amplitude-integrated EEG (aEEG) for detection of perinatal asphyxia and epileptiform activity in neonatology, and for neurophysiological control in ischemic strokes and unconscious post-comatose states.

The main sales package of Cerebral function monitor "Encephalan-CFM"

The main sales package of Cerebral function monitor "Encephalan-CFM"

aEEG patterns detected with cerebral functions monitoring have a characteristic appearance, corresponding to different normal and pathological states of the brain, which allows assessing the severity of hypoxic-ischemic disorders, identifying seizure activity, monitoring the dynamics of the patient state at drugs administration and predicting neurological outcome.

The sales package of Cerebral function monitor "Encephalan-CFM" includes autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-5, doctor’s PC, "Encephalan-CFM" Software (detailed description), wireless pulse oximeter module, EEG electrodes and other accessories.

Monitor "Encephalan-CFM" can be delivered in mobile and portable variants. All equipment and the notebook from the portable variant can be placed into the notebook carry bag. Computer, monitor to display information, printer to document monitoring results, videomonitoring kit, and components of CFM monitor (patient transceiver-recorder, additional devices, sensors, gel, accessories) form the mobile variant and are placed on the comfortable equipment trolley.