The System of control and analysis of psychophysiological information – The System CAPI

(TU 26.51.66-039-24176382-2022, Declaration of Conformity of the EAEU N RU D-RU.PA04.B.53707/22)

The System CAPI is available in eight models — Egoscop-Next, Rehacor-Next, NFB, BFB-Universal, BFB-Universal-I, Encephalan-Next-24, Encephalan-Next-24-AT, Encephalan-Next-36.

The System CAPI provides multi-channel, network, synchronized multi-parameter recording and processing of various signals reflecting changes in the psychophysiological and functional state of a person or several people associated with the presentation and processing of various audiovisual information or stimuli, when conducting scientific and practical research to analyze the process of visual perception, the effectiveness of various information content, ergonomic solutions, including when assessing computer interfaces, as well as when conducting research in the field of neuromarketing, psychophysiological and neuropsychological testing, hyperscanning and assessing the mutual compatibility of respondents, in psychophysiology, cognitive and social psychology, education, art, art-psychology.

The System is used for monitoring the psychophysiological and functional state, objective psychological and psychophysiological testing of specialists in extreme activities, including in the process of activity, athletes, students, managers, personnel of various enterprises and organizations, as well as for conducting training with biofeedback (BFB), based on the principles of auto-training, mental self-regulation and audiovisual feedback with the possibility of studying the mechanisms of BFB and NFB.

The use of models of the System for non-medical purposes in various fields of application provides ample opportunities for transforming sales packages of models, including computer equipment and unified multifunctional software from the System CAPI.