"Encephalan-EEGR-19/26". Main modification

Electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalan-EEGR-19/26" is the best universal tool for most tasks associated with control and diagnostics of the brain state at different neurophysiological studies and related fields.

  • EEG studies can be carried out in attended or unattended mode. Connector EEG-20 provides switching between these modes (encephalograph transformation).
  • EEG-videomonitoring with an accurate synchronization of the EEG data and video record provides the "gold standard" of epileptological studies.
  • Holter-EEG is a 24-hour EEG monitoring at any patients location: in a hospital ward or at patient's home.
  • Polysomnographic studies meet the requirements of international standards. The creation of sleep laboratories.
  • Continuous multichannel neuromonitoring in the intensive care units and emergency room.
  • Neurofeedback with a detailed EEG analysis and control, as well as biofeedback training by various physiological parameters.
  • Multichannel polygraphic registration of parameters (neuromodular systems with synchronous record of up to 50 data channels) in sports medicine and scientific research.