Objective psychological analysis and testing system "Egoscop"

It uses the original innovative technology, which includes autodocumentation of a testing process, hand motility analysis of a subject, additional synchronous recording of psychophysiological parameters (pictopolygraphy) and provides a new level of psychological and psychophysiological diagnostics.

The subject answers questions
using the touch-screen tablet
as in common tests
of paper forms

System transportability

Kit fits in a laptop bag.

Profile of semantic-emotional significance

Profile of semantic-emotional significance (SES).

  • Paperless testing is presentation of forms provided for testing and other stimulus material with a special touch-screen tablet, as well as fixing the answers of a subject and his/her emotional motor responses with the help of autodocumentation technology. Data is processed by the computer, and test results are presented in a common form.
  • Analysis of psychophysiological and psychomotor parameters, synchronized with the testing process (pictopolygraphy technology) provides evaluation of the intensity, direction and variability of the subject's responses while implementing a study scenario and, in addition to the usual test results, generation of profiles of semantic-emotional significance (SES).
  • An expandable library of tests includes personal and cognitive, projective and psychophysiological tests, state tests, etc. adapted to the technologies of autodocumentation and pictopolygraphy.
  • Test Editor allows creating new and adapting common tests to the proposed technology.
  • System transportability is ensured by autonomous battery power supply, low weight and small size of the equipment. Complexes may include touch-screen tablets with different screen sizes. 13-inch tablet provides a high mobility of a system. 16' or 17' tablets ensure comfort for a stationary testing.
  • The ability to use the color and line thickness when performing projective drawing tests allows the psychologist to take into account color preferences of the subject when interpreting the results of the different test stages.
  • Contemporary IT technologies make it possible to test groups of subjects in the network setting that improves the efficiency and throughput capability.
  • Network setting can be used for testing personnel in large organizations, for the study of practical testing methods in the departments of psychology and psychophysiology of higher education institutions, for group laboratory and practical training, and in scientific research.
  • All actions on selection and activation of test scenarios on workplace, on test performance control and data storage can be done by one person trained in dealing with the system.

Network testing system consists of an instructors and test persons’ workplaces, connected to a local area network – wired Ethernet or wireless WiFi..